Wednesday, November 11, 2015

track a cell phone

Bilbao Municipal Police launched a special campaign of surveillance and control of the use of mobile phone and other electronic devices while driving. The initiative will begin on Monday, November 9 and will be until Sunday 15, as reported by the City Council of the capital vizcaĆ­na in a press release.

The campaign is part of the Strategic Plan of road safety and aims to correct "those behaviors that involve risk to road safety".

Throughout the week, agents carried out an average of four daily checks to "avoid behaviors that cause distractions at the wheel". From the Town Hall report that the driver who speaks for the mobile while driving, lets identify 40% of signals and traffic signs and its low average speed by 12% and its power of reaction before any unforeseen decreases.

The last year, the Municipal police of Bilbao controlled 28.477 vehicles in 92 controls. Agents processed 96 complaints by use of mobile phones, but none for manipulating GPS.
phone tracker
In the development of applications for mobile devices is is normalizing the connection to the Internet as a requirement for their basic operation, something that makes little sense if we bear in mind that bonds data rates are limited, and there is little coverage or null. Less sense still has a GPS, since we are on the move and is easier to find areas where we can not Exchange data packets. For this reason, Google Maps updated to work offline.
Download the map, and you can use it without Internet connection
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Yes, before you could also, but with an important nuance. Until now, Google Maps has allowed us to download maps to use them offline, but we have never had the possibility to use the GPS function with step by step directions. Now, however, on Android we have this new possibility. Obviously, the most interesting is using the wireless Internet connection before leaving, and then forget to consume data in road.
If you use this new feature, forget about avoiding traffic jams on the road
Positive is the fact that, thanks to this new feature of Google Maps, can save us from our rate of mobile data consumption when we are on road. At the same time, we ensure that the map will be available at all times, and that we will not lose the signal within the tunnels (GPS Yes). Well, if we use the new feature of Google Maps, we must have in mind that we won't receive traffic status in real time.

As you know, Google Maps will allow you to modify the path to our destination based on accidents or withholdings and other unfavorable conditions in the circulation. In this case, therefore, we must have that we do not take advantage of this powerful feature that Google Maps works especially well, thanks somewhat to the data provided by Waze.
track phone
At the moment, only on Android
Although we know that it will also reach the app for iOS mobile devices, for the moment only the version of Android is available this new feature. Meanwhile, iOS users will have to settle for continue consuming megs on road, or opt for alternatives to Google Maps.